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since I'm quite busy that days , so I'm sorry if i were late . I hope you enjoy my arts (Bomb style) , and my editing of Prince of tennis :love:


I :heart: Prince of Tennis fanart , I :heart: cute arts , I :heart: cats photo , I :heart: Presona arts,I :heart: la corda arts and I :heart: Squaresoft arts。
These Pictures always my favorite
Saeki, Sengoku and Shiraishi for Kauthar-Sharbini by Alkanet:thumb399852603:+Gift+ Kau-senpai and Shiraishi by Kaizoku-no-YumeBirthday Kauthar-senpai by ryocutema





Kauthar-Sharbini has started a donation pool!
20 / 160
Would you mind donating some:points: please *oo* OH NO !! He is Konomi Sensei !! by Kauthar-SharbiniOH NO  He is in Twitter by Kauthar-Sharbini

:bulletgreen::love:every 60:points:I'll give art request for 2 lucky donators:love::bulletpurple:

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YEAY!!! :dummy:
Let's have fun and play !!

Last year , I opened the donation pool . in my homepage


The Rules :
- Anyone who donate whatever the number they give even 1:points: will enter the lottery.
- some people give me points from commission and winning contests . Those people won't include as donates and they won't enter the lottery.
- After gaining 60:points: I will start the draw for the lucky donates (I'll pick up  2 person by lucky names list)
- The 2 lucky donates will receive any art request from me (bombstyle-headshot-traditional arts or digital OuO )
- The others who didn't win the lottery , they will enter the next draw :aww: but the donates who already win , they  won't be  there in the next lottery only if they donate again :aww:  
-  After 3 chances of The donates who didn't win , the system will restart  and they need to donate again to get another chance ^^
- The Donation level system will rise up by 5:points: after gaining 120 :points: in result

Thank you so much for the donation !!! :la:
I really really happy you were active OuO it's really fun :la:!!

As I promised every 60:points:I'll give 1 art request for 2 lucky donators

the result  so far is  96/120:points: Level 1
:star:( 60 :points: ):star: Are you ready!? We'll start the drawing for 2lucky donates !  :dummy:

The Donates are

start drawing


Here we go!
watch the result in my instagram >>>…

:la: Congratulation :la:


For the winners please :aww:

Next! we have 36 :points: we need to rise it up to get 60:points: :la:
The others will enter the next draw for 2nd time!

I hope you'll enjoy the game!

thank you :la:</b>


Drawing Alyn Crawford by Kauthar-Sharbini
Drawing Alyn Crawford
The days have passed so fast , I can't believe that I'm writing in my last day of my holiday,,,
I felt I haven't been active in drawing ! *sigh* 

EHEM! let's back , Hello everyone :la:

Do you know him ? :D well who knows if there is who playing otome game called Midnight Cinderella this game in Ipad only I guess ^^; 
The male is called Alyn Crawford  he is a soldier in the castle who has a sad memory for his kingdom pass ago ,
I draw traditional one and I submitted in instagram , one of the gamer asked me the full version , I was happy ! :aww: I searched for the sketch but I couldn't find it ! but I found thousands art of HIM ... ehehehe ^^; anyway ,  I search it in every file I have .. but no track .... O____O I need to find the date I was draw it ehehehe ^^'

so .. I draw this for her , sorry for making her so long but I hope she'll like it :aww:

About the picture ,

You had a hard day . When you entered the hall, you find Alyn was waiting for you near the window , the soft shiny make you stopped suddenly  starring at him . He walked toward you while you heart was jumped . "What's wrong ? you don't want to go for riding lesson ? " he said softly. You exhale nodding and going to go your room . He grabbed you and hugged you " I missed you" he whispered to your ear . You blushed and hugged him back saying "thank you " . " What ? you don't want to go now? " he flirt " let's go my princess"

  The End

he is more than that .. Alyn scared me sometime .. no all the time .. well, you will decide .. he is so straight sometime  .. ^^; 

I hope everyone will like it too :aww:

thank you everyone ! 

Working Time :
: 1 hour
drawing + coloring  : 3 hours 
editing : 3hours + playing FF record keeper XD

© Alyn Crawford  from Midnight Cinderella Ikémen Royal Romances
Happy Eid-Alfitr 1436-2015 by Kauthar-Sharbini
Happy Eid-Alfitr 1436-2015
Hello :wave: 

Ramadan month is over ..
yesterday , people saw the crecent of new month ! so today we are in new month!

AhamduliAllah thanks to God Allah that we complete fasting and may Allah accept it , :pray: amin 

In the picture Maroof was carrying the candy carriage ! he was going to give anyone who pass him . He met his friends Hatem and Hasan , the started helping Maroof to do the job . They felt happy m every child was smiling while having the sweet . after 3 hours  . They felt tired and rest . suddenly , Hasan jumped onto the carriage and got his favorite biscuit and said Happy Eid everyone ! :la:

I hope you like it !! 
Happy Eid Al-Fitr everyone wish you happy blessing day !!

© Window of fantasy Bomb style character design Kauthar Sharbini
Ramadhan Karem 1436 AH by Kauthar-Sharbini
Ramadhan Karem 1436 AH
Hello !!

Asslam Alikum wa rahmatul Allah wa barakato 

peace for you everyone!:aww:

It's been a while , isn't it ?
you've been asking where have Ma'roof and his friends been ?
well, Hatem the little boy was busy whole the month . we find him volunteering in one of the masjid . He is giving people food (iftar) for anyone there . He arrange the carpets and make everyone feel comfortable . until the Athan sound heard everyone is saying (bismeAllah ) and start eating . Hatem looks around to make sure everyone has their own plate and gives for who come later . Maroof stood there and ask if he eat or not , he said I will ! I will ! he is so exciting serving others and forgot about himself . This is always the best feeling ever! to help others . ^-^

well, for who don't know Ramadan , Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar , people are not allowed to eat from dawn until the sunset . During the day , they do their best to do many good deeds as giving money to poorer people  (sadaqa) ,  praying , reading the Holy Qur'an  and helping others .and in the last 10 days of Ramadan  there is prayer after midnight called Tahajud . People ask Allah from mercy and wish for everyone in the earth lives and died the blessing and paradise  .Muslims believe there will be a best reward from God (Allah) is waiting for them .

It's very sad to know we almost in the last days of Ramadan , all we want to pray that Allah accept our good deeds and our fasting and bless everyone in this holy month , Amin  :pray:

I hope you'l like it !
Ramadan Kareem :aww:

© Window of fantasy Bomb style character design Kauthar Sharbini
My funny imagination of Screen Savour by Kauthar-Sharbini
My funny imagination of Screen Savour
Hello again 

I'll put this in my scrap book  because indeed this is crazy to share XD

Scientist  are working their best ! they are amazing ! 
the last develop research about the taste via cellphone .. YES!! excuse me ? tasting the food ??
the answer YES!

oh my I can't .. it's .. 
watch this…

lt it go ~ 

after seeing this commercial (screen savour)
this was on my mind now XD 
singing frozen the movie  ahahaha 
I'm gonna taste every food was eaten by Hosoya Yoshimasa san , just take a photo of the food  and taste it XD

sound crazy but funny ahahaha 


Shiraishi : you are really stupid 
Kauthar: I guess you are right ..
Shiraishi: even you were sick but still act weird when something related to him
Kauthar: ....

but it's really amazing !! not just for Hosoya san !  we can share the food even we are apart ! we could feel we are near even we are not !

Shiraishi: baka!
Kauthar: I am .... 

Help me ...

© all photos here present Hosoya Yoshimasa 細谷 佳正 
© Shiraishi kuranosuke 白石蔵ノ介 from anime princes of tennis belong to Konomi 


Traditional headshot
Mr.Kissy looking at you by Kauthar-Sharbini
The art of song Remi by Kauthar-Sharbini
Shall we be together for next year by Kauthar-Sharbini
Ophir : Daydreamer by Kauthar-Sharbini
opening for March
simple traditional art with Editing (if you want it as wallpaper it will rise by +100 points The Dream Moment IV by Kauthar-Sharbini  as example 
Simple single traditional bombstyle
Hasan Islam Muslim Male OC by Kauthar-Sharbini
m.h.m Metche in bombstyle by Kauthar-Sharbini
Happy Anniversary Muslim Manga by Kauthar-Sharbini
If you want to add more character in one picture like this Fuji and Tezuka are Fishing by Kauthar-Sharbini 
it will double the price like it will be 400:points:


Kauthar Sharbini Harun
We are three ! My big sister(red) , my little brother(blue) and me(green):dummy: :iconwindowoffantasy::iconart-let: :iconkauthar-sharbini: let's play :iconyaayplz:

My best little sisters
:heart: :iconakidemi::iconryocutema: :heart:
why are they Ryoma's fans XD ?

My Psychology Test result of colors and people :…
Ori :Someone will never forget
Fuji : your twin soul
Shiraishi : someone that you'll remember for the rest of your lifeShiraishi icon in bombstyle by Kauthar-Sharbini*indeed*
Saeki : Someone that you really love

The club I join Is:
☆Shin Tennis no Ojisama :iconshintenipuri:☆ Muslim Manga:iconmuslim-manga:

My Group


Current Residence: in Islamic world Makkah
Favourite style of art: pencil , Background arts
Operating System: window xp
MP3 player of choice: Mr.Ecstasy Albums
Wallpaper of choice: my bomb style . prince of tennis
Favourite cartoon character: My Original character Lucas
Personal Quote: Smiling of people is precious

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