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since I'm quite busy that days , so I'm sorry if i were late . I hope you enjoy my arts (Bomb style) , and my editing of Prince of tennis :love:


I :heart: Prince of Tennis fanart , I :heart: cute arts , I :heart: cats photo , I :heart: Presona arts,I :heart: la corda arts and I :heart: Squaresoft arts。
These Pictures always my favorite
Saeki, Sengoku and Shiraishi for Kauthar-Sharbini by Alkanet:thumb399852603:+Gift+ Kau-senpai and Shiraishi by Kaizoku-no-YumeBirthday Kauthar-senpai by ryocutema





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Hello everyone , 

The money commission available via   IBAN  -  the western union and :new: Paypal  ) Thank you everyone for your support .  :aww:

~General information :

I'm using my IBAN / Western Union / Paypal  to contact with you .  I could work for your arts between 5-7 days . It depends on the piece of work you requested me.   ( I will confirm your request and say the date I'll start with so don't ask me please when I'll finish I will take 5-7 days from the date I give to you ). I'll submit a small version in DA 200x300 or less  in order  you to see your arts  and ( pay money or points ). Then, I'll send the ( full high quality version without title only  my signature)  via your E-mail  or . or you may pay by using click to download and buy .
Note me please if you have any suggestion or better ideas ^-^

Note: Something that I don't commission with :
- I won't  accept to draw or color anything related on mature content (  hentai ,Yuri , Yaoi , S/Ai , nudity  Adult theme )   please  .
- Don't ask me to draw anything for special occasions ( Christmas /  valentine/ Halloween etc)  or religion related , just normal  work please like ( normal , graduation , Earth day , mother , family , kids .. ) I may accept these     .
- Don't ask me about Prince of tennis other animes stamps , you can request there Anime Game / icon or stamp .  , but I will work for it every June- July or in my various holiday .  

:iconpointsplz:~Money & Points Commission ::iconpointsplz:  

:bulletgreen: Drawing bomb style:
the full version will be in JPG format Good quality send it via E-mail or Pay  the points or money after I submit the small art version in DA ^-^

Drawing  bomb style my own style for you . you can ask me to draw your Original Characters  or fanart .

- One character with flat simple background ( digital…  / traditional  : 200 :points: =  2$
( if more than one character each character is 200 points. If there is 2 character ,  400 :points: ) if more it depends in how complicate as same as money

:bulletred: Drawing Head shot for your OC or fanart  ( normal style )
- simple Background full color  Traditional /: 400:points: = 4$
- simple background full color digital : 500:points: = 5$

:bulletblack: Animation icon / avatar  
  I can make an avatar for DA in bomb style and head shot only  .
If you want a design for  group or stamp , you could give me a details about it and suit pictures from :

- Animation icon  For group or your own : 600 :points: = 6$
you can see examples here they in my bombstyle : Avatar for DA in bombstyle .  
- eyes animation either  (head shot/ bombstyle)  : 200 :points: 2$
-  animation for avatar ( eating , drinking , playing ...) / icon  ( bombstyle  ) : 600 :points: 6$


After I accept your points commission I'll put your name in the list :  

:star: point commission 2012 August :star:
1- :iconthegothicgamer: Done :star: OC Ashley : I found you :star:    :meow:
2- :iconkaizoku-no-yume: Done :star: Cute Keychain with Haruko & Kaido :date: :star:   
3- :iconkittykaina: Done :star: Welcome to my pinky world :star:   
4- :iconapplelora:  Done :star: Apple shares apple with you :star:   
5- :iconsilver-moon123: Done :star: My Polite Nina chan :star:    :la:


:star: Last point commission 2012 October - 12 December :star:
1-:iconsukieyo: Done :star: Yunami's chan icon in bombstyle :star:    :dummy:  
2- :iconkaizoku-no-yume: Done :star: Secret Kitty KaidohxHaruko :star: :date:  
3-   :iconyutakd: Done :star: The Morning Execise with Rui Kaoru :star:
4- :iconshort-stuff-rita: Done :star: Tacibana Meru Avatar :star:


:star: Points commission 2013 January  -  April :star:
1- :icondandandanao: Done :star: Don't be Angry Celestial,please! :star:   :date:
2- :iconkuloi-no-chloe: Done :star: Akaya in Magical world :star:   :date:
3- :iconshiroishadow: Done :star: The Reunion :star:   :date:
4- :iconmochiiiiii:  Done :star: Icon: I smile at you :star:   :heart:
5-  :iconilupinus: Done :star: The Puzzle Champions :star:  :la:
:star: Points commission 2013 for July - August :star:
Because I'm in Holiday XD
1-  :iconmarinrin: Done :star: Mineral says Good Morning  :star:  :la:
2- :iconpiyoa:  Done :star: Tika and Chicks :star:   :iconlaplz::la:
3- :iconskye123chan: Done :star: I love Ice Cream :star:
4-  :iconkaizoku-no-yume:  Done :star: A gift for you with Hibari and Kaidoh :star:  :date:
:star: Points commission 2013 for September - December  :star:
1-  :icondandandanao: Done :star: I want to See your smile   :star:   :date:
2-   :iconkaizoku-no-yume:  Done :star: Pokemon Lovers :star:  :date:
3-   :iconkuloi-no-chloe:  Done :star: Senguko and the lucky Numbers :star:  :date:
4-   :iconpiyoa:  Done :star: We Found You :star: :la:
5-    :iconspring-sky:  Done :star: Just Like Heaven :star: :giggle:
6-    :iconqiu-19:  Done :star: Miyako in Chocolate land :star: :dummy:
7-   :iconkitamikichi:  Done :star: Naoyuki is Smiling :star: :giggle:
8- :iconkirilldesu:  Done :star: Get well Soon :star: :heart:

:star: Points commission 2014 for February  open :star:
1- :iconqiu-19: Done :star:Bunny on my head:star: :la: 
2- :iconqiu-19: Done :star: The story of flowers :star: :love: 

:star: Points commission 2014 for July open :star:
1- :iconstudioijb:Done :star: Happy Nantara :star: :la:
2- :iconaile-du-ciel: Done :star:The Blooming Summer with Shiraishi Kouki :star: :date:
3- :iconstudioijb:   Done   :star: Ness in bombstyle :star: :la:
4- :iconkirilldesu: Done :star: Midorima's Melody :star: :date:

:star: Points commission 2014 for August  open :star:
1-:iconaile-du-ciel: Done :star: Together Forever :star: :date:

:star: Points commission 2015 for March until April  open :star:
I accept the request from now it's fine :aww:

:new: Thank you very much !! Everyone!! I really appreciate!!
[La la la la]

I'm very thankful for all my friends who encouraging me to open commission and I really admire  them: :iconalvi-chi: :iconthegothicgamer: :iconreneedelagee: :iconhinata-teh-lefty::iconmasaki-jamie: :iconmaipenrai-alata: :iconakidemi:I'm very happy to know you .

Have a nice day [w00t!]
Lovely Leanne by Kauthar-Sharbini
Lovely Leanne

Hi!! :wave:


After short talking .. here I back !

well, look like my drawing mood is on Saturday :aww: ..

Who is she ? does she look girl to you? OuO? shame if not XD

Just bursting drawing coloring and editing this character Leanne from the game Resonance of Fate on PS3

I haven't played the game ! I even don't have PS3 >_< but this game is one of my game project the I wish to play ...if I had PS3

sadly .. looks like I'm not be able to have play station 3 .. so after waiting almost 7 years .. I go to youtube to see the story  ^^;

after finish watching ....

oh my .. it's really lovely game XD I wanna play it :la:

I like Leanne >u< she is so adorable and I couldn't resist and started  drawing her !

If you have my instagram you'll see fast  updates. this art was drawn last Saturday , as today . but now I submitted to you :dance:

I'm bad in drawing girl .. I admit =='



I hope you like it !! :love:

See yaa :wave:


© Leanne from game PS3 Resonance of Fate belong to Sega 

Don't be afraid from success by Kauthar-Sharbini
Don't be afraid from success

the picture describes my encouraging people who I don't see them but a live forever  
as same as Hosoya ( I don't see him or talk but I could feel you around )  ^^; >

Hello :aww:

 I've been upset these weeks .. I even tried to laugh but couldn't

I had pressure from the work .. I even don't sleep well.. every day the boss scold me and disappointed me .. they don't like my work ..

somehow I though of leaving this job and back to my old school.. still thinking .. and this made me sad and confuse ..

in my holiday I just lay down without doing a thing .. neither drawing or doing my favorite activates or hobbies .. I feel dying inside .. and day by day losing hopes ..

but this week the pressure become worst , starting from Monday until Tuesday . the Actvities boss is oordring me thousand works even she knows that I had duties must to do !! she scold at me as I failed ,  I couldn't sleep filling the rules and arrangements .. and I become tired on next day , and still she ordered me thing I don't get it then scold as I don't do anything .. even she mocking me in public .. this is become  out of humanities ! up of evil person ever ..


Even though , I don't reply to her . I kept on silent hearing her bad mouth over me , hearing others laughing at me ... they ruined my mood which I wouldn't be able to draw for Hosoya san on time!!

The thing make me keep it up .. that I feel happy when people scold at me .. more mocking,  more make me seeing Saeki around ..I suddenly felt him embracing me from back and starring at me while working ,,, which make me smile even the workers were harsh on me.

in other day I saw Shiraishi pointed at me . and Senguko entered the place .. I felt happy ! they back !

So why I would feel sad ? as long they are around  

I back home and listen to some of Hosoya san songs they refreshing me , broke the heartless in my heart and make me relax .. then I edit this work .. which I draw it for my 8th dream with him  

Words Ringing , I could feel the echoes are calling me " ( you almost there , you are in the way of your dream , don't be afraid of success )    

Dying in my work but a life in internet and around the world, I won't die in sad as long I know where the right place for me ! and I know there are people who know me and accept me!!

 Always don't let these kind of people let you down from your dream and what you are !

To all my friends in DA .you are the best ever  !!

I'll fight the reality , to see you , because you are my true friends who I never met !

thank you for supporting me

 I hope you like it !! :aww: 

 © Art by Kauthar Sharbini , window of fantasy 

  • Listening to: MaxBoys XD
  • Reading: Persona 2 Journals
  • Watching: How to Train your dragoon2
  • Playing: Gakuensai no Oujisama no one
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Hello , 

long time , yeah it's real! it's been long time for writing in journal !! you can say my 3rd journal in this year  .
How are you my friends!? I hope you are doing well! 

Kau chan is doing well, (still having with Mr.Ecstasy's fighting XD) 
I just want to tell you about my last updates , I may not be able to be available only on holiday , Friday and Saturday . My work took whole time I had , I try to do my best to have free on holiday that why I kept on busy in whole week ! it's fine! I do that to see you my friends 
Ok let's start saying about update, I'll put it as numbers 

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow: right now, I'm finally going to make comic , while layout the story ,I clear my mind by drawing  The crazy daydreamer story between me and Mr,Ecstasy which available only in Komikia >> here >>>… so , feel free to live the crazy moment when you got a free time ^^
:bulletblue: I have friends request here , 
:star:Could you please commission my friends :iconhinata-teh-lefty: her arts are nice ! also if you do, you'll have free art request from me! OuO one color traditional or digital headshot or bombstyle!! :dummy: just commish her and send me via note what is your request ! :la:
:star: Could you donate for my friends :iconmeghansdreamdesigns: some points ? we won't ask more, less better than more! it's ok! you would have a free art request from me if you do that :aww: so please >~<
:star: My friends in FB are hobby singers in Soundccloud , they do covers , right now , they need 6 persons to sing with them (duet) , they found 3 already , 3 is needed , so are you interested in singing ? if yes please tell us! it's English cover don't worry if you enjoy singing ! that's all we don't ask you to be professional !!!!
I'll be there!! wanna join me!! :la:?

:bulletblack: hum? me? yes, I have soundcloud too . My hidden hobby , because I love translate and dubbing    I do some covers , reviews and drama talk with Rise (Oc) .. don't expect pretty voice from me , I just enjoy singing mine channel… (close your ears before regret) 
I have my first duet with Kai chan  :iconpanda-kai: >u< we have unpublished song but we do enjoy being so late ahahaha 
Would there be someone who I know could sing with me >u< ? it will be amazing !

:bulletred: hum~ right now I feel lonely .. specially my older sister isn't with me for almost 2 months , I felt the meaning of missing someone in real .. she traveled away on plane ( the transport which I haven't been in until now )) . I need to used to it .. but I end up missing her . she might back on next Jan .. it's too long . Winter is coming , I hope she is doing well in winter .:pray:

:sun: something makes my life bright as the sunshine , because I'm happy to be able to talk to Kage chan! again :iconshadowdragonk: it's very amazing feeling to have a chance to talk with friends who be with you since 2009 ! they really bring back memories! (I"m person who lived in the past sorry ==) 

 :heart: About Kau chan loves story .. ofcourse there is no one until now in real XD ahahaha but you know Hosoya Yoshimasa san is real person, right? , and I admit ..I try to hate him ,,, Because I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!! HELP
sorry Kirby sorry Kai chan !!! I said I could forget but still my heart is refusing! I tried to avoid listening to his voices but Mr.Ecstasy always a live!!!! ==

 Well, I won't take you too long .. that's all! 
waiting response from you !
Have a nice day !!



Traditional headshot
Mr.Kissy looking at you by Kauthar-Sharbini
The art of song Remi by Kauthar-Sharbini
Shall we be together for next year by Kauthar-Sharbini
Ophir : Daydreamer by Kauthar-Sharbini
opening for March
simple traditional art with Editing (if you want it as wallpaper it will rise by +100 points The Dream Moment IV by Kauthar-Sharbini  as example 
Simple single traditional bombstyle
Hasan Islam Muslim Male OC by Kauthar-Sharbini
m.h.m Metche in bombstyle by Kauthar-Sharbini
Happy Anniversary Muslim Manga by Kauthar-Sharbini
If you want to add more character in one picture like this Fuji and Tezuka are Fishing by Kauthar-Sharbini 
it will double the price like it will be 400:points:


Kauthar-Sharbini's Profile Picture
Kauthar Sharbini Harun
We are three ! My big sister(red) , my little brother(blue) and me(green):dummy: :iconwindowoffantasy::iconart-let: :iconkauthar-sharbini: let's play :iconyaayplz:

My best little sisters
:heart: :iconakidemi::iconryocutema: :heart:
why are they Ryoma's fans XD ?

My Psychology Test result of colors and people :…
Ori :Someone will never forget
Fuji : your twin soul
Shiraishi : someone that you'll remember for the rest of your lifeShiraishi icon in bombstyle by Kauthar-Sharbini*indeed*
Saeki : Someone that you really love

The club I join Is:
☆Shin Tennis no Ojisama :iconshintenipuri:☆ Muslim Manga:iconmuslim-manga:

My Group


Current Residence: in Islamic world Makkah
Favourite style of art: pencil , Background arts
Operating System: window xp
MP3 player of choice: Mr.Ecstasy Albums
Wallpaper of choice: my bomb style . prince of tennis
Favourite cartoon character: My Original character Lucas
Personal Quote: Smiling of people is precious

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