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Hosoya Yoshimasa san 2017 :iconkauthar-sharbini:Kauthar-Sharbini 7 0 My 1st Artist Ally on Comic con 2017 :iconkauthar-sharbini:Kauthar-Sharbini 4 3 Say Hi Killua :iconkauthar-sharbini:Kauthar-Sharbini 11 9 2016 Summary of Art :iconkauthar-sharbini:Kauthar-Sharbini 2 0 Shiki KHUX :iconkauthar-sharbini:Kauthar-Sharbini 12 0 Sharing medals in Kingdom hearts unchained X :iconkauthar-sharbini:Kauthar-Sharbini 14 9 Zerro KHUX :iconkauthar-sharbini:Kauthar-Sharbini 10 8 Happy Eidul Adha 2016-1437 :iconkauthar-sharbini:Kauthar-Sharbini 15 7 Happy Eid-Alfitr 1437-2016 :iconkauthar-sharbini:Kauthar-Sharbini 19 7 Ramadhan Karem 1437 AH :iconkauthar-sharbini:Kauthar-Sharbini 11 7 Searching for Ramadan Crescent IX 1437 AH :iconkauthar-sharbini:Kauthar-Sharbini 12 10 Drawing of Seraphina Vulcan :iconkauthar-sharbini:Kauthar-Sharbini 12 8 comic Our last chance :iconkauthar-sharbini:Kauthar-Sharbini 3 10 i've lost my ffrk account :iconkauthar-sharbini:Kauthar-Sharbini 2 16 Jabrane in bonmbstyle :iconkauthar-sharbini:Kauthar-Sharbini 10 11 Your smiling is everything :iconkauthar-sharbini:Kauthar-Sharbini 10 9
since I'm quite busy that days , so I'm sorry if i were late . I hope you enjoy my arts (Bomb style) , and my editing of Prince of tennis :love:


Finding Slugs :iconaubs-nin:aubs-nin 65 8 Shiraishi Kuranosuke :iconhanshii:hanshii 7 4 Daybreak Town :iconcriis-chan:criis-chan 164 10 [REDraw] Shiraishi Kuranosuke - Summer Music :iconhandari:handari 18 13 The rest of the hero :iconcj-db:CJ-DB 23 16 K I R I ! :iconkirilldesu:kirilldesu 18 11 .: UT : Cold :. :iconfinni-nf:Finni-NF 102 44 Heaven :icondestatidreamxiii:DestatiDreamXIII 22 12 +Gift+ Polar Bear Asena-kun -suchalongname :iconkaizoku-no-yume:Kaizoku-no-Yume 31 11 Hunter X Hunter: Gon and Killua :iconsjibbi:sJibbi 15 11 Underground Dwelling :iconshadowdragonk:ShadowDragonK 4 4 Empty Sky iPhone wallpaper :iconshannon2996:Shannon2996 3 2 AT Saeki Koujiro :iconichigotsukiyono:IchigoTsukiyono 3 1
Whats Next?
Hi guys,
how are you?
Im officially hold a bachelor degree from Faculty of Art and Design. :party:
As honoured student i find it very hard to meet everyone's expectation : parents, friends, families.
moreover because i decided to decline job assessment in one of the biggest automotive company in Japan.
It was a such good offer,But my plan is to take further study.
 im thinking of laurea magistrale in Politecnico di Milano or MSc in imperial college london/MA in royal college of Art.
Im currently preparing for the admission : IELTS, Statement Purpose, Recommendation Letter, and of course  p o r t o f o l i o.
:la::la::la::la:Wish me Luck!!:la::la::la::la:
Anyway my major is industrial design so i got quite 3D skill that i want to combine with my digital painting, but still not sure the proper way.
I also develop new painting skill- one layer, start from grayscale and added the color later with "color" layer mode in PS.
It will be nice to hear what do you think about
:icongunyuu:Gunyuu 1 9
Yuri - Shadow Hearts :iconashikai:Ashikai 10 3
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I :heart: Prince of Tennis fanart , I :heart: cute arts , I :heart: cats photo , I :heart: Presona arts,I :heart: la corda arts and I :heart: Squaresoft arts。
These Pictures always my favorite
Saeki, Sengoku and Shiraishi for Kauthar-Sharbini by Alkanet:thumb399852603:+Gift+ Kau-senpai and Shiraishi by Kaizoku-no-YumeBirthday Kauthar-senpai by ryocutema





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Would you mind donating some:points: please *oo* OH NO !! He is Konomi Sensei !! by Kauthar-SharbiniOH NO  He is in Twitter by Kauthar-Sharbini

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  • Playing: FFRK :)
  • Eating: rice
  • Drinking: water

Hello :aww:

Kau chan update! yeah I called that update :)

glad to see my friends art here ! please keep on drawing because I like it and everyone does! also, they kept me happy and safe! you are my inspiration :dummy:

I'm not going to say I'm back or I'll back , ,more drawing whatever ..I'm sure you tired of them because I can't promise !

be sure I won't say those kind of words again


Ok let's back , into Kau chan update

:bulletblue: My friend Mashi told me in my last birth date that my year would be special .. I really hope so .   I'm 30 years old now , wow seriously .thank you my friend I will try my best my friend! I still happy to have you though all these years , ( I want to record this  that I'm going to read this journal  in the future after 10 years maybe if I exist )  

:bulletgreen: I watched new J-drama series called shinzanmono  and other Kekkon Dekinai Otoko =D you know already the drama I watched counted on fingers ! =D

:bulletpink: I met my internet friend who I knew her since 2006 in real world! that gave me a hope thousand hope to meet my DA friends someday !! :la:  

:bulletgreen: I joined 2 FanDub Arabic language team since 2013 it called XGroup and the new before 2 months Dubbing Masters .  We started some serious works I really enjoy it  ( I take the rule of Naruto OuO ) I still shocked  

:bulletred: until now , I haven't ride a plane yet or board a ship bicycle either XD

:bulletblue: I'm working away from my home in the next city around 90 k/m , I ride bus everyday to get there .

:bulletred: I am addicted to game FFRK final fantasy record keeper :D

:bulletgreen: I'm still in love with Prince of Tennis =D

:bulletpurple: DA is still my real me! i mean the place where I can talk and be honest about myself! others are just supporting the DA

so here the chart , devianart 72% , Facebook 15% , twitter 2% , instagram 10% , tumbler 1%

I hate snapchat! so much even the people who use it XD .. I'm sorry I didn't mean to hate the person him/her self but I can't stay in calm outside while people who use snap are laughing and making noises in publics ! that's BAAAD!!

:bulletblue: I haven't seen any otome game better than Prince of tennis ! please make more of Prince of tennis style XD

:bulletblack: Kau chan is listening to Drama CD since 2012 ... especially when Hosoya Yoshimasa is starring in .. all the time I still remember him.... (Mr.Ecstasy)

:bulletgreen: in the last Sadly I'm still in love with Hosoya Yoshimasa... ( :( )


well done!

I haven't told you about Shiraishi this time because I still have a dream of him ==' I though when I got older I may forget or disappear .... but look like it won't :D hehhehe honestly I'm glad

Note : the commission that I haven't done will make it as a gift ! don't worry my friend I should take the blame for not making on time ( it was about Haruka and Kaido )

Thank you for reading !





Hosoya Yoshimasa san 2017
Oya!! I did something pinky XD no way XD XDXD XDXDX

it's for his special day , Mr.Hosoya Yoshimasa 細谷 佳正. my number 1 voice actor and my first person who I ever loved in real life since 2009  XD 
he voiced as Shiraishi XD Ah~ Ecstasy XD XD XD
well, just make simple edit with full of hearts ( my first time put heart on my art ) what am I doing baka' Kau chan !!!

I wish him the best in his work and life , that I really wish for everyone!

I know he wont hear me , but at least please reach this to your dream XD ahahahah

For all Hosoya san lovers NOT FAN ! here my art of him !

I draw Hosoya san in world of final fantasy art style , that i've been working into it lately to draw my friends in Kingdom hearts 

hope you like it 

My 1st Artist Ally on Comic con 2017
Hello everyone!! 

How is everyone!! I hope you are doing well in this year!! 

I've been drawing many last month, sadly I didn't share it on DA because my bad connection !
but I will post it , the arts are all about its Kingdom heart again XD 

well, I just wish that happen.. 

Comic con in place where I live will be on next Thursday ! I will be there!! all my hope was to be in international with everybody who I know in DA !! 
I missed you everyone!! this is my first step on Artist Ally!! I'll never give up until be able to be with you!! 

I shared my booth with Kirby NO NO just kidding ^^; I really wish that!!  well , with someone from dubbing world XGC . Her name is Wala' she is sweet with various talent :) 

My booth name is Window of Fantasy ( my hope comapny I've made since when I was 15 years old )
in my booth ... Mr.Ecstasy... still.. he will be accompany me ahahah XD I really don't have any idea , I've been reading the Artist ally guiding book for beginner,  .. oh.. well  ... I'm selling my charms and my OC story there ..  maybe art commission .. I don't know .. >.< I'm afraid .. I cant relax ..

wish me luck !! 

see ya !!

Say Hi Killua
:D back again! 

Hi everyone ! 

Sey Hai to Killua and Bomb Killua XD

well you see, drawing someone I would never expected
He is Killua from anime HunterxHunter.. I wrote his name on his shirt .. maybe I failed drawing him XD

 I haven't watched the new version yet.. I watched the old version + Manga and honestly dont have time for new one  , 
it was requested from friend in Instagram who really love him 

>u<when I mention this anime I  remember someone .. the 1st Character who I really hate him .. after like him so much , before Saeki san ofcourse XD

this anime give such power of memory ..

-when I had no computer drawing traditional arts all the time
- I was free in 2nd grade of secondary  school .. 
-I made Kurapika cosplay back then before knowing him more ...
-I draw bombstyle Killua beside him ..  to remind my self that I was making unporogress work of Song Tobira  by Gon and Killua in bombstyle in 2002-2006 but this movie never released ... :(
cos.. several reasons >_<
also this year I had argue with my old friend aixiaolai in Skype because of Killua ... she really angry at me now :( 

sigh .. such awful memory.. >_< .. how would I be able to watch it again ..

well, I hope you like it :)

see ya :wave: 
2016 Summary of Art
I've never done that when I was free, now I'm doing it as I'm too busy !

Shiraishi: Why?
Kau: what!! you are here ?
Shiraishi: yeah ! is that the way to greet Kau chan?
Kauthar: sigh  whatever I'm too busy let me continue !
Shiraishi: take you time 
Kauthar : Thanks ... ( why is he here anyway ?)


well. I did that to see how worse I am not being active since 2014! it will never and ever happen! 
so I made this Art summary meme! thank to @DustBunnyThumper  for amazing templet you can download it from here…

 .. humm my first time drawing full body in December ahahaha tgf                                                                            

in this meme I only put the first art I made in every month , they are almost one art each month :( 
except April , June , September , October , November and December m I've done many glad to know I'm still exist >__<

well about the month May I put one of 2 unpublished art I put them in Instagram ,,

the picture which I said Nahii! >  

Kauthar: it's India means NO
Shiraishi: I know , but since when you are addicted to them?
Kauthar: I exactly don't know when I start saying no by this .. but wait !! who said I'm addicted to them! only I said Nahii! 
Shiraishi: you are stupid 
Kauthar: .... Gee thanks ...

yeah the word I said Nahii '

Shiraishi : Mowahahahha
Kauthar: I will KILL YOU !! 
Shiraishi: How many years you've been saying that ! I'm still a live this year 
Kauthar : Make sure you will NOT in 2017
Shiraishi: Nahiiii ...!!
Kauthar : ........
Kauthar: ......... whatever

Shirashi: nande ...

Kauthar: ..... 
Shiraishi: .....


well. umm.. ok about the word Nahii , ,,, It means nothing never non sketch non art non nothing ! *sigh* that's bad!! 
calculating what I was doing that months .. wel, humm working .. dubbing ... singing in smule .. WHAT A WASTE!! arrrugh!!! 

it takes an hr but I'm am relived that I'm be able to do this 
now . I have to do something to make my art more more more as before OuO

thanks everyone for best support ! >u< 

I wish you the  best forever and ever!! 
See you in next Year 2017 

Kauthar: ...
Shiraishi: I hate you !! *leave*
Kauthar : Shira... ...

Kauthar: why.. why my hear is .. NO !I said something bad .. I am so .. sorry ..


Traditional headshot
opening for March 2017
simple traditional art with Editing (if you want it as wallpaper it will rise by +100 points The Dream Moment IV by Kauthar-Sharbini  as example 
Simple single traditional bombstyle
If you want to add more character in one picture like this Fuji and Tezuka are Fishing by Kauthar-Sharbini 
it will double the price like it will be 400:points:


Kauthar Sharbini Harun
We are three ! My big sister(red) , my little brother(blue) and me(green):dummy: :iconwindowoffantasy::iconart-let: :iconkauthar-sharbini: let's play :iconyaayplz:

My best little sisters
:heart: :iconakidemi::iconryocutema: :heart:
why are they Ryoma's fans XD ?

My Psychology Test result of colors and people :…
Ori :Someone will never forget
Fuji : your twin soul
Shiraishi : someone that you'll remember for the rest of your lifeShiraishi icon in bombstyle by Kauthar-Sharbini*indeed*
Saeki : Someone that you really love

The club I join Is:
☆Shin Tennis no Ojisama :iconshintenipuri:☆ Muslim Manga:iconmuslim-manga:

My Group


Current Residence: in Islamic world Makkah
Favourite style of art: pencil , Background arts
Operating System: window xp
MP3 player of choice: Mr.Ecstasy Albums
Wallpaper of choice: my bomb style . prince of tennis
Favourite cartoon character: My Original character Lucas
Personal Quote: Smiling of people is precious


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