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Seishun Gakuen
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since I'm quite busy that days , so I'm sorry if i were late . I hope you enjoy my arts (Bomb style) , and my editing of Prince of tennis :love:


I :heart: Prince of Tennis fanart , I :heart: cute arts , I :heart: cats photo , I :heart: Presona arts,I :heart: la corda arts and I :heart: Squaresoft arts。
These Pictures always my favorite
Saeki, Sengoku and Shiraishi for Kauthar-Sharbini by Alkanet:thumb399852603:+Gift+ Kau-senpai and Shiraishi by Kaizoku-no-YumeBirthday Kauthar-senpai by ryocutema





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Deviant Artist Questionnaire.

I'm not going to miss this moment and I want to share all my thanks to this website which I found many many many artists are not just amazing ! they've become best friends in real life even we haven't met ! but still we hope and sure we will insha'Allah
Ok stop bla bla as usual me and let me talk more about how many awesome years I've been here

1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
6 years and it will be 7th in this 21 Sep :D

2. What does your username mean?
It's my real name , I decide to choose it because I trust this site and hoping to find real friends to share and knows me as I am !
I had my first user on 2006 but I failed registering and lost the account it was called Window of fantasy my own dream company name =D

3. Describe yourself in three words.
Pure, loyalty , funny .. I guess ^^;>> ( don't include I guess )

4. Are you left or right handed?
right hand =D

5. What was your first deviation?
White line prince of tennis! in bombstyle
prince of tennis - white line- by Kauthar-Sharbini

:dummy: ( I put my first art since I joined DA) but I still remember my first collab with msadagal I guess it was my real first collab and friend !

6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
Original .. , cute , fanart not problem at all I.. I love backgrounds too I  love seeing arts anyway =D

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
the background of course ^^

8. What was your first favourite?
I put many favorite in my first day joining DA , but I haven't had much happiness when I found the original artist Celsa  it was my first time having conversation with people

9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
anything original

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
should be one ? I had many really! ==' ok .. sigh,, EternaLegend she was and still the favorite one ( I even have 13 after that is that OK to tell them OuO?) ... look like no .. sorry ^^;

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
EVERYONE! ehem .. YES! I'm not lying ! if I had to write the name this time it must be all of them!! so let me write them please ! ryocutema ( I wish to meet my little sister >u<) Kaizoku-no-Yume t (even I'm sorry for not doing your last request but I really can't describe how much you supported me )  lemora16 (the lovely Bee who pure her sweetness forever)   NekoRenoChan ( you are miracle , never left my side even I'm busy or forget thank you so much ) sephysgirl (  you with Jams are my best ! ) luckynyan4 ( you always bright my life I wish to talk to you in real )  AkiDemi (I wished to see share everything with you)  al-kawther( always want to be .. since 2004)  deidarakibaitachi( ehehe thank you for everything )  Perimones ( never forget you and wish you the best Ori ) MokonaTenshi (never left your side and always be with you ) Hinata-teh-Lefty ( we're always together thank you for supporting and hearing nonsense from me :la:  )  haro-x-tales ( if I met you will we laugh more ahahaha ) lunarangel93 ( wish to see you with Mr,Ecstasy ) ShadowDragonK ( you always the person I wish to meet little sempai ) Magical-Tear ( Tear we always promise to meet ! ) Deidarakitty ( I still remember our first chat and how we wish to meet !)  e-no91 ( why it's impossible to meet you ><) Tacuma ( forever never forget !) Mika-chan1102 ( always send me the happiness ) DestatiDreamXIII  ( yes , let me see you someday ) Ignite-Pass-Kai ( let's sing and draw together and color by copic in same place some day )

more are not avilable now .. and I've lost them forever .. all I wish the best !

They are not just kind , I would never left their side !

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
oh my .. so many ! I've opened to many many things I haven't known, also learned a lot in general , changed my life :)

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
pencil =D just pencil

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
my room ^^; ( it's hot right now so I'm away from my inspiration place)

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
They are many ... meeting people they made a lot of unforgettable memories .
I still remember meeting Kawaii-Ash in first time in her doujin manga Final Fantasy 9 , she is amazing ! and most make me happy meeting her in another site as voice actress it was so much fun
also , meeting Mitsu chan ( I don't have her user anymore ) I enjoyed first time she surprised me by many funny things
Doing fan story together with Marisa .. it was like a dream .. we almost dream about each other that day

what should I say too? I'm sorry if I fall any one ! I really don't mean to forget !

Well, I'm sorry for taking so long ! ...

When I enter any place and meet people always say .. ( I love DA people ) :heart: even I just follow them they are my best !

see ya! :wave:


Your smiling is everything by Kauthar-Sharbini
Your smiling is everything
I am teasing you in my first art of this year here, hehhe sorry 

well, Hello everyone ! I really missed you ! bunch missing you 

whao!! it's 2016 already , years past so quick without feeling .. but at least staying here won't make me older heheh :)

Shiraishi: A~ Ecstasy ~
Kauthar: yes , it's you.... 
Shiraishi : I love you :heart:
Kauthar : I hate you 

Whenever I see your Smiling face , I have to smile myself
( song inspiring by Jams Tylor's song )

While you walking with Shiraishi in the park , the lights turned on and everything were sparkling making you smile. Suddenly he leaned to you , you winded your eyes and blinked quickly wondering what's wrong . Before you said anything , " what a cute face " he said while smiling before you made you pout and pushed him away then walking toward ." ahaha , I'm sorry" he followed you    . He stood front of you again" is it ok to see your smile again " you blushed "  Oh! your face is red " you averted your eyes by looking away saying it was just a cold " let's walk"  he asked you to hold his hand. You held his and walk with him . after while you slowly looked at him . He was smiling by himself, you just wonder  something was wrong  " nothing,  by holding your hand I just wish the road would never end " he whispered to himself   .  You just kept on silent wishing that, too.  He looked at you again " Thank you for being with me this year ".

Smiling of him make world different.. it sound like change something or made day .. I don't know .. without noticing I found myself drawing Mr.Ecstasy again . 
The story was a gift for any reader who like Shiraishi ^_^ . ( it can't be me because I would kill him if he does that ) 

I hope you like it !! 

© Character Shirsishi Kuranosuke 白石 蔵ノ介 from anime prince of tennis belong to Konomi Takeshi
Kunna Keda by Kauthar-Sharbini
Kunna Keda
Hello everyone!

it's been a while really !
well, I'll try my best to be active here, more than last year 

I would like to share with you this event ! the art no effect no editing it's fresh XD
I draw it via flash5 

Well, I'm going to go Jeddah to see the Historical festival, I haven't been in any , so I would like to take my chance in life ^^
more than that ,my internet friend  who I know her since 2007 will be there as a mangaka! wow! I can't wait to meet her ! can you imagine ^_^ honestly I can't 'm so excited !

as I'm gonna there , I wish someday I could come to COMIC con or AnimeFesta someday , I believe I may meet one of you there someday !

:pray: I wish 

about the drawing I write the Arabic word it called Thulth calligraphy  it mean ( we were like that )

Jeddah and Mekkah  have wonderful monuments houses decorations stuffs for a thousands years ago but sadly the government always delete them .. which make me sad and many who likes are disappointing !
so I would like to see before it gone XD

well then :la: 

see you my friends! 
I'll be sure back with more arts ! :dance:

Have a nice day 
[Art Trade] Ichi in bombstyle by Kauthar-Sharbini
[Art Trade] Ichi in bombstyle
Hello ^__^

Kau chan back ! yeay! maybe because it's December my favourite month ! ofcourse because it's coold and we don't need AC ^^;

well, I was wondering how is everyone? I hope you are doing well ? I'm doing well , who asked me ? now one hehehe ^^'

I'm back to you with art trade with my friend! the little Artist :iconichigotsukiyono:  

And as you can see in the picture, she is Ichi chan ! OuO the cute purple little girl who loves adventures ! 

as usual , I can't draw anything only after looking so deep into the character ! so I made her an orb hunter ! :la:

Adventure in he Forbidden Forest  

Ichi with her little bow is walking around the forbidden forest ! the forest was too dark everyone afraid to enter it and the government not allow anyone to enter it , but our little Ichi asked a permission and took all the responsibilities to get there . so here she is ! Walking with no fear and waiting for next monster , she insist to find the Light orb which led inside the forest for years . She need it to help people who need lights in the night . So , she promised her self not to go back until get one!
While she was walking a drop of water fall onto her " ah! it's raining !" she quickly ran to hid under the trees , the rain suddenly stopped as they came . She went out fro her hid spot continue walking . She found her self outside the forest , front of green filed as never end .. the air was cool after the rain . She felt exciting and take a breathtaking "ahahahaha that's amazing " she was running as she laughing !

she stopped seeing a water on the floor , it must be the rain water , she didn't want to step on it she just looked at the reflection with amazed feeling ! "the small lake is so pretty" she said . The huge bubble came out from the water . She felt exciting more she haven't seen these in her life . The bubble continued  coming out until the huge shiny bubble came " I found the orb!!" she said , yes ! she found the Light Orb which that she could help people . She took it carefully in her small bag . And continue walking . 

She realize the forbidden forest wasn't curse or danger , the forest is welcoming who love the nature .

When she back, everyone was happy they put the light orb in the best spot , and they lit the fire to celebrate . They had a good night . 

The End

teehehe wondering why I'm thinking or keeping such a funny stories like this in my mind ^^; any way , I really hope you like it ! :aww:

work time :
sketch : always inspired by a story ^^; so it took 3 mins
Line and color : FOREVER! ahaha I left the sketch for a month and back to it so it's almost 6 hours
Editing : 6 hours there is no way to make it shorter ehehe

so anyone must be carious what is mine trade part ? well..  >//.//< ehem .. It's Saeki Kojirou ! because I haven't done any arts for him for this year I asked her to make instead ( sorry Saeki )… << she did amazing right :)

I hope you like it :la:

thank you everyone !
 seeeeee yaaaa! :iconlawooplz:

© Ichi belong to  IchigoTsukiyono  
© Window of fantasy Bombstyle character shape design Kauthar Sharbini
Elena .B is Happy by Kauthar-Sharbini
Elena .B is Happy
Everyone must have relax day to do what they want :)


this is a simple art for my sister ! OuO  my sister wanted to say hello for her friend in Utrecht, so I decide to give her this ! 
her friend's name is Eleena! and her birthday was today ^^

Eleena is enjoying eating and drinking tea in her relaxing day :sun:

:giggle: I always enjoy drawing people's  real face ! I don't know if she would angry or not >u< 
I wonder would you angry if I do that to you ? drawing you in bombstyle .. ^^;

I hope they both like my simple gift !

Hope you like it too !:love:

© Window of fantasy Bomb style character design Kauthar Sharbini


Traditional headshot
Mr.Kissy looking at you by Kauthar-Sharbini
The art of song Remi by Kauthar-Sharbini
Shall we be together for next year by Kauthar-Sharbini
Ophir : Daydreamer by Kauthar-Sharbini
opening for March
simple traditional art with Editing (if you want it as wallpaper it will rise by +100 points The Dream Moment IV by Kauthar-Sharbini  as example 
Simple single traditional bombstyle
Hasan Islam Muslim Male OC by Kauthar-Sharbini
m.h.m Metche in bombstyle by Kauthar-Sharbini
Happy Anniversary Muslim Manga by Kauthar-Sharbini
If you want to add more character in one picture like this Fuji and Tezuka are Fishing by Kauthar-Sharbini 
it will double the price like it will be 400:points:


Kauthar Sharbini Harun
We are three ! My big sister(red) , my little brother(blue) and me(green):dummy: :iconwindowoffantasy::iconart-let: :iconkauthar-sharbini: let's play :iconyaayplz:

My best little sisters
:heart: :iconakidemi::iconryocutema: :heart:
why are they Ryoma's fans XD ?

My Psychology Test result of colors and people :…
Ori :Someone will never forget
Fuji : your twin soul
Shiraishi : someone that you'll remember for the rest of your lifeShiraishi icon in bombstyle by Kauthar-Sharbini*indeed*
Saeki : Someone that you really love

The club I join Is:
☆Shin Tennis no Ojisama :iconshintenipuri:☆ Muslim Manga:iconmuslim-manga:

My Group


Current Residence: in Islamic world Makkah
Favourite style of art: pencil , Background arts
Operating System: window xp
MP3 player of choice: Mr.Ecstasy Albums
Wallpaper of choice: my bomb style . prince of tennis
Favourite cartoon character: My Original character Lucas
Personal Quote: Smiling of people is precious

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